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The Ultimate Girls Trip

Dia dhaoibh gach duine. It’s been quite a while since I’ve taken the time to write a blogpost but there’s been a good few requests for this one so I’m making a special effort to sit down with a hot chocolate and compile a little itinerary for those of you who are heading on holidays to Dubai very soon 👙


First of all, let me just say…you are going to have a ball!! It was last Easter that I headed over with my best friends and we had the ultimate girls trip. It was just amazing. I often watch back my Dubai reel and it’s something I’m so grateful I took the time to make. I think reels are sooo fab to have to look back on and make me feel extremely grateful so I purposely make one after every adventure now ✈️


Now let’s get started! Grab a cuppa as this is a longgggg one 🤪


Day 1:

So we flew into Dubai airport bright and early(8am to be exact) on the Saturday morning of the Easter hols. We were lucky to have a friend living over there so she kindly collected us from the airport and brought us to our Airbnb which I’ll link here: It was in an ideal location and right beside the marina which meant beautiful views both day and night. Very reasonable also which is always a big plus. Anyways, you'd think that we would have had a nap after such a long flight + the time change but we were honestly just wayyy too excited to sleep! Our friend brought us to ‘Eggspectation’ for some delicious breakfast. I ordered the pancakes which certainly did not disappoint and we had a well overdue catch up whilst overlooking the beautiful JBR ❤️ We then headed to the Mall of the Emirates for a walk around. This place is so big that they actually have TAXIS inside the mall to take you from one side to the other. It’s insane 🙈 We headed back to our Airbnb for an afternoon swim(another reason why you should book this Airbnb) and just chilled in the sun before getting ready to head to Koyo for dinner that evening. If you’re into Japanese food, then definitely add this place to your list. They usually have great entertainment but unfortunately, our trip collided with Ramadan so we kind of missed out on that side of Dubai. I’m not complaining though, it made no difference to us as we still had thee best time 👯‍♀️


Day 2:

This was one of my favourite days. We headed to Zero Gravity for the entire day and just had great craic. Between the views, the chunes, the pool, the drinks, the company and just general chilled vibes…I cannot recommend it enough. I’m a sunset lover so I thoroughly enjoyed watching the sunset on the beach whilst having a cocktail. We continued onto Barasti Beach Bar once the pool party finished and from there, went to McCaffertys which is an Irish bar ☘️ I know this may seem obvious but I would definitely make sure to pack a sun hat and an over-shirt(is that what they're called 🤔) as it gets extremely hot during the day 🥵


Day 3:

Our first stop was the Burj Khalifa. We pre-booked our tickets online before our trip as we had a little itinerary made out for ourselves to try and fit everything in 🤯 We waited patiently in a very long queue to reach the top but it was totally worth it. The views were just unbelievable. That evening we went for a gorgeous dinner that had a mighty fine view of the Burj Khalifa from the ground. The restaurant was called The Meat Co. It’s located beside the fountains so you can also watch them do their thang whilst enjoying your food ⛲️ I think they come on every hour or so and they’re very entertaining. You can also take a little ride on a gondola around the fountains. Lots to choose from 👌🏻


Day 4:

Oh I absolutely adored this day too. We took a visit to The Atlantis Palm View. Oh my goodness, it was just class! I have no words for it to be honest. We went in the middle of the day but if I were to go again, I’d probably pick sunset. They take a professional picture of you when you first arrive and you have the option to purchase it before you leave. It’s a picture I never get sick of looking at and reminds me of all the fun we had 👭 We then headed to Wane by Somiya for the remainder of the day. Some pool clubs have free entry for ladies on specific days so be sure to check it out before you go. From there, we headed to the Al Seef(I think that’s the name) Night Market to do some (knockoff) shopping 🛍️ Would highly recommend as my ‘Louis Vuitton’ is still going strong 💪🏻


Day 5:

Another fun filled day! Who am I kidding…I thoroughly enjoyed every day in Dubai 😂 We booked to go on a cruise along the Dubai coastline by…JET SKI!! Now this was just non-stop laughter. We were absolutely freaking out at the start but after a while, we got used of it! The company we went with even made a promo video of us which they shared on their Instagram page 🙈 Would highly recommended @luxuryjetskidubai. They couldn’t have been nicer. We were starving after jet skiing so we came across this beautiful little café called Saya Café City Walk. It was very ‘Instagrammable’ as it was just so pretty but more importantly, the food was delicious 😋 We then got a taxi to Kite Beach to watch the sunset. We chilled, went for a little swim and got a smoothie from The Good Life Café which is located right next to the beach. You will have a great view of the Burj Al Arab from this beach too 👌🏻 We also downloaded the Lime app and scooted along the promenade before heading back to our Airbnb 🛴


Day 6:

Today was checkout day as we were heading to Abu Dhabi to stay with our friend the next two nights. The Airbnb host kindly stored our bags for the morning as we headed to Miracle Gardens which is a hugeeee natural flower garden. It’s so magical but I’ll be honest and say we absolutely melted as the weather was just 🥵 I would advise going there either early in the morning or later in the afternoon as there’s not much shade available but it’s well worth a visit. Our friend kindly organised a taxi to bring us to Abu Dhabi. It took just under an hour. Once we arrived, we got ready for our ‘Evening Desert Safari’ 🐫 We booked it on You will see lots of options available including an ‘Overnight Desert Safari’. This was just thee best craic. It included sand boarding, camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking, stargazing and so much more. It was amazing and a must do in my opinion 🤩


Day 7:

Our last day :( This was a very chilled day but we still made sure to fit in some sightseeing of course as our friend knew all the good spots. We took a trip to the Emirates Palace where we ordered a 24 Carat Gold Cappucino…who do we think we are 🙈 You do not need to book this in advance as it’s available in a little café in the lobby of the palace. From there, we headed to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which was very cool to see. Our friend had some abayas(long attire) and scarves for us to wear within the Mosque but you can rent these before entering. We then went to Yas Bay for dinner and drinks to reminisce on the amazing week we had before heading to the airport the next morning!


Sin é! Have I convinced you to book that flight yet? Oh my goodness, we just had a ball! I cannot recommend a trip to Dubai enough and I’m so glad I got to experience it with my best friends ❤️


My advice would be to have an idea of what activities you’d like to do before heading over there so be sure to do your research and book things in advance to avoid disappointment. There is SOO much to do in the UAE and it can become overwhelming so make a list and see what you can fit in within your timeframe of being there. Remember, it’s meant to be fun so don’t put yourself under pressure to see everything...just use it as an excuse to go back again 😉


Any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a DM or if you enjoyed reading this blogpost, leave a comment below 💋



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