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Rahoo EPV Summer Courses

Yippee… it’s that time of year again!

Sea, sun, sand and…. Sangria!

Oops... we mean Summer Courses!

The Rahoo team are looking forward to working with teachers on our online EPV Courses for summer 2023. Elaine has kindly suggested we share information about Rahoo EPV Courses with you. Have a read and hopefully you will find a course to suit your needs – if you have any questions, get in touch with us at We love to hear from you!


When do the EPV courses run?

Group 1: 3 July – 14 July 2023 (The first group books up fast!)

Group 2: 17 July – 28 July 2023

Group 3: 31 July – 11 August 2023


Do you have any deals for EPV courses?

Shur we all love a deal, don’t we?! Rahoo are giving all you lovely followers a sneakyyy 20% discount. Just use the code SUMMER2023 at the checkout ;)

This means you can get:

1 EPV Course for €63.20 instead of €79

2 EPV Courses for €126.40 instead of 158

3 EPV Courses for €181.60 instead of €227


What EPV Courses do you have for teachers?

Okay, let’s get to the details!

The EPV Courses on offer for 2023 are:

1. Supporting the Teaching and Learning of EAL Students:

This fantastic new EPV course covers:

- The Role of the EAL Teacher

- Supporting Students, Teachers and Parents

- Home Languages and Plurilingual Education

- Inclusion and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

- Universal Design Learning for EAL Students

We created this EPV course because we believe that teachers need upskilling and further support in meeting the needs of EAL students. Learn more HERE.

2. Classroom Management

This is an extremely popular course which fills up fast and is written by Niamh from Irish Primary Teacher.

This EPV course has 5 modules:

- Introduction

- Classroom Culture

- Routines & Procedures

- Rewards & Consequences

- Behaviour & Strategies to Support Children

Feedback from teachers include: “This course has been fantastic. It has covered all aspect of classroom management; from restorative practice, classroom culture, rules, routines and rewards alongside so much more! The practical tips, strategies and examples along the way are amazing” - Claire O’Donnell. Learn more HERE.

3. Effective Lesson Planning 

This EPV Course is highly recommended for NQT’s, though more experienced teachers rave about it too! This course is for you if you want to cut your time spent planning lessons! We created this EPV course because we want to support you to plan excellent lessons for your students – without taking up your evenings and weekends! Using our unique KISS approach, you will be able to structure and plan a lesson easily!

This EPV course has 5 modules:

- Introduction

- Key Questions or Objectives

- Information

- Search for Meaning

- Search for Understanding

Feedback from teachers include: “I have done plenty of online courses over the years but this was very user friendly and delivered exactly like it said it would. The KISS is perfect for busy, time pressured teachers and its simplicity is what makes it work so well. Lots of helpful strategies without bells and whistles” - Fiona Burgess . Learn more HERE.

4. Work Smarter, Be Happier for Teachers 

This EPV Course is perfect for teachers who need a workload shift – don’t we all?!

We created this EPV course because we want to support you in working smarter, not harder!

This EPV course has 5 modules:

- Introduction

- Assessment

- Expectations & Aspirations

- Planning

- Strategic Decision Making

Feedback from teachers include: “I would highly recommend this course to any teacher. It offers a multifaceted insight into many different aspects of the profession; from lesson planning to feedback and everything in between. I guarantee you will learn something new, regardless of how many years’ experience you have” - Patrick Nolan. Learn more HERE.

5. Assessment for Learning 

Did you know that 85% of teachers in Ireland do not feel confident with formative assessment?* This EPV Course is an absolutely essential course for any teacher trying to get their head around formative assessment.

This EPV course has 5 modules:

- Introduction

- Learning Objectives & Success Criteria

- Effective Questioning

- Measuring Progress

- Embedding Assessment for Learning

Feedback from teachers include: “When I say I loved this course – I mean I LOVED this course. I’d go so far as to say this is the best CPD course I’ve done to date. It’s inspiring, informative, research based and gives loads of practical tips, strategies and tools that you can use in your classroom right away. This course made me even more excited to get back to my classroom and keep working towards being a better teacher. All I can say is...thank you” - Lauren Walsh. Learn more HERE.

6. Fostering Emotional Resilience & Harmony 

This is another extremely popular course that fills up fast! We created this EPV course because we believe that “prevention is better than cure” and that through building emotional resilience and emotional awareness, we can nurture good mental and emotional health in our young people. 

This EPV course has 5 modules:

- Introduction

- Positive Learning Environment

- Resilience & Mindfulness in the Classroom

- Challenging Behaviour in the Classroom

- Self-care

Feedback from teachers include: “I enjoyed the course because it highlighted the importance of self-care and resilience for the teacher as well as the child. The positive feedback also encouraged greater confidence among the participants” - Madeline Carey. Learn more HERE.

7. Differentiation 

This EPV Course is highly recommended with lots of contributors.

This course has 5 modules:

- Introduction (featuring Niamh from Irish Primary Teacher)

- EAL (featuring Livia Healy, award-winning EAL Teacher & Trainer)

- AEN (featuring Kristy Elovaris, Literacy & Special Education Consultant)

- Literacy Support (featuring Kristy Elovaris, Literacy & Special Ed Consultant)

- Stretch & Challenge

Feedback from teachers include: “I really enjoyed this course. It has been very beneficial for me as a teacher and I will definitely use many of these strategies for

differentiation in my teaching” - Dawn O’ Halloran. Learn more HERE.

8. Supporting Students with Challenging Behaviour 

This EPV course is an eye-opener and so practical!

This CPD course has 5 modules:

- Introduction

- Main Sensations

- The Problem-Solving Model

- Effective Communication with Stakeholders

- Digital Technologies to Support Students

Feedback from teachers include: “To say I’m blown away by the content of this course is an understatement. I’ve been teaching for 8 years now and after a year of challenging behaviour, I wished I’d done this course sooner. It’s filled with practical techniques and strategies to take with you to the classroom to support pupils in every way. It forced me to reflect on my practice and empowered me to try some new techniques next year in the classroom. Highly recommend” - Rebecca Morrissey. Learn more HERE.


For more information, please check out our FAQ’s page HERE.

We hope to see you online this summer!

Sláinte :)

*March 2019 Rahoo Survey.



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